When our family quickly began outgrowing our home, my husband and I couldn't decide whether to add onto our current home or move into a larger one. One day, when we were checking the local area looking for "home for sale" signs, we saw a sign we couldn't take our eyes off -- there was a large plot of land for sale for a great price in a great location. We had never thought of building our own home before, but after a little research, we realized that it wasn't as costly as we thought, especially considering the great deal we got on the land. The entire process was a learning experience, but thankfully, the building team was very pleasant and helpful. We now love our new home, and I am excited to share our experience on our new blog. I also plan to post many planning and construction tips!

Reasons Water Dispenser And Ice Maker In Refrigerator Are Not Working

29 December 2015
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If your refrigerator's water dispenser and ice maker are not working, you may need to hire a plumber to help you fix it. The problem is probably caused by an issue with the hose connecting your water supply to the refrigerator. If this hose is not properly connected and functioning correctly, your water dispenser and ice maker will not be able to get the water needed to operate. Here are two problems that might be causing this issue in your home. Read More …

New Technology That Is Making Windows More Efficient

14 December 2015
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If you feel a breeze any time you get near your windows, it is probably time to replace them. While it can take a big bite out of your budget, those dollars will be well spent if you invest them well. Here are some new technologies that can increase the energy efficiency of your windows so you can earn back the cost of the windows faster. Filling the Panes With Gas Read More …

Bushes That Can Create Some Privacy To Go With The Security Of Your Chain Link Fance

30 November 2015
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A chain link fence is an inexpensive and low maintenance way to protect your property or keep your pets and children safe. However, it doesn't add much in the way of privacy for your yard. A great way to fix this is to plant bushes along the fence line. Over the next few years, they will grow up into a nice, visual barrier without requiring a lot in the way of maintenance or putting a burden on your budget. Read More …

After The Weather Outside Is Frightful, A Damaged Road Is Not Delightful!

2 November 2015
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Winter can be a magical time of the year. Snow falls and holidays are here. But when winter hits, roads sustain a great amount of damage. This is why you see a lot of road construction happening in spring, after all of the ice and snow melts away from the ground. Many people don't realize why winter weather causes so much damage to the road. Here are three common winter weather conditions and why they are so damaging to the roads. Read More …

How To Install Gutter Hangers To Repair A Sagging Gutter

13 October 2015
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Over time, gutters have a tendency to sag, especially in areas with heavy snowfall or leaf accumulation. If your gutters are sagging, then you will need to install additional reinforcing brackets to restore their shape. Below is a list of materials and tools you will need as well as how you can perform the repair: How to repair sagging gutters - tools and materials needed Gutter hangers - Purchase five-inch long hangers that have a hook at one end and a drip-edge mounting bracket at the opposite end. Read More …