Never Be Afraid to Build Your Dream Home

When our family quickly began outgrowing our home, my husband and I couldn't decide whether to add onto our current home or move into a larger one. One day, when we were checking the local area looking for "home for sale" signs, we saw a sign we couldn't take our eyes off -- there was a large plot of land for sale for a great price in a great location. We had never thought of building our own home before, but after a little research, we realized that it wasn't as costly as we thought, especially considering the great deal we got on the land. The entire process was a learning experience, but thankfully, the building team was very pleasant and helpful. We now love our new home, and I am excited to share our experience on our new blog. I also plan to post many planning and construction tips!

4 Signs It’s Time For A New Roof

18 August 2015
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So, you're wondering when it's time to get a new roof. There are usually plenty of visual cues that accompany the fact that you definitely need to replace your roof, but this is not always necessarily the case. There might be times where there might be an invisible factor at work, conspiring against you and your roof. What could these conspiring factors be? Contained within this brief article are 4 signs that it is time for new roofing. Read More …

Bring Back The Frogs: Three Tips To Troubleshoot Your Pond Pump Problems

30 July 2015
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Have you noticed an increase in the number of mosquitoes in your backyard this summer? It has no doubt coincided with a decrease in the frog population that previously loved to hang out in your pond. While frogs love to hang out in ponds during the heat of the summer, dirty water is a big no-no when it comes to frog health. This is because frog skin is like a sponge and dirty water can be absorbed easily into their body, making them sick. Read More …

How To Easily Build A Low-Cost, Temporary Pallet Fence For A Job Site Or Other Small Area

15 July 2015
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If you are looking for a low-cost way to temporarily fence off a small area that is relatively flat and level, recycling old pallets can be a great option. While not suitable for large sites, sensitive areas that require additional security, or areas with uneven terrain, pallets can provide a ready-made fence framework that can be erected quickly. Below is more information on how to easily build a temporary fence from pallets and a few extra materials: Read More …

Tap Filters Or Whole-House Systems? Answer These Questions To Find The Right Water Purifier For Your Home

29 June 2015
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Water filters provide a convenient way to get rid of funny tastes in your home's water and ensure it's free of pollutants. Choosing whether to have a whole-home system installed or just use smaller tap filters can be difficult, since on the surface they can seem incredibly similar. Ask yourself these questions while you decide, and the answers should give you a better understanding of which option best suits you. Read More …

Helpful Tips For Getting Rid Of Condensation In Skylights

15 June 2015
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Many homeowners enjoy skylights because they allow natural lighting into the home while maintaining privacy. However, sometimes homeowners wish they didn't have skylights because of all the problems they cause. One of the most challenging problems involves condensation, which could cause damage to personal property in the interior of the home, as well as structural damage. If you have skylights or would like to have them in your home, here are a few important things to understand. Read More …