When our family quickly began outgrowing our home, my husband and I couldn't decide whether to add onto our current home or move into a larger one. One day, when we were checking the local area looking for "home for sale" signs, we saw a sign we couldn't take our eyes off -- there was a large plot of land for sale for a great price in a great location. We had never thought of building our own home before, but after a little research, we realized that it wasn't as costly as we thought, especially considering the great deal we got on the land. The entire process was a learning experience, but thankfully, the building team was very pleasant and helpful. We now love our new home, and I am excited to share our experience on our new blog. I also plan to post many planning and construction tips!

Finishing Your Yard After Tree Removal

19 April 2017
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The contractors have just driven away, and perhaps for one moment you think your tree problem is over. You had a dead tree or one that dwarfed your house and dropped branches in the neighbors' yard. However, you had the contractors uproot the problem tree and haul it away. And now you're left with a gap in your landscaping. Finish solving your tree problem by making it seem as if the tree never existed. Read More …

Identifying Recyclable Materials In Computer Systems

10 April 2017
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If your business has an impressive Information Technology infrastructure, there's likely a wealth of recyclable metals and other materials embedded through many of the components. From bulk amounts of aluminum and steel to rare earth magnets, you could be throwing away a considerable amount of recoverable funding if you don't pay attention to your business recycling process. Here are a few recyclable component areas inside computers, network devices, and other IT infrastructure equipment that are worth deeper price and reuse research. Read More …

2 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Gutter Cleaning Service

7 April 2017
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Gutters are an essential part of your home because they are going to allow the run off to flow around and away from your home. However, in order to ensure that your gutters are functioning at an optimum level, you are going to want to make sure that they are clean. While cleaning your gutters yourself is going to be an option, you may want to instead consider hiring a professional to come out and clean your gutters for you. Read More …

Telltale Signs Your Boat Dock Needs TLC Or Replacement

24 March 2017
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Do you own a boat dock? If so, you likely have concerns each year about the safety of your dock as well as about knowing when you need to repair or replace it. Professional inspections are the best option for making this determination, but the following are telltale signs that you can use as cues for imminent replacement. Damaged Foundation Deteriorating dock foundations are hazardous. This is why it is important to inspect your dock routinely to ensure that the foundation is intact. Read More …

Commercial Plumbing 101: 3 Common Reasons For Toilet Woes

10 March 2017
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A toilet is one of the most important fixtures in any home or business. Unfortunately, it's not something that most people give much though to. Of course, that is until it stops functioning properly. Whether you own a business or manage a company, knowing what could be causing the toilet problem is key to getting it fixed quickly. So what are some common issues that affect the performance of a toilet? Read More …