The Decorative Concrete Finishing Guide To Give Outdoor Living Spaces Durable And Elegant Flooring Designs And Surfaces

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The Decorative Concrete Finishing Guide To Give Outdoor Living Spaces Durable And Elegant Flooring Designs And Surfaces

1 May 2020
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If you are updating your backyard with outdoor living space, you want to consider options for the surfaces in these areas. You want these surfaces to be durable and attractive, which is something that you can achieve with the right concrete finishes. Today, decorative concrete will give you a lot of options to create the look of elegant luxury flooring in outdoor living spaces. The following decorative concrete finishing guide will help you create elegant floors and durable surfaces for your outdoor living space projects.

Use Stamped Concrete With Colorful Coatings For Main Paths, Driveways, And Hardscaping

Stamped concrete is a common finish that is used for large projects, and it can be an affordable solution to add decorative concrete to your outdoor spaces. This process is done by embedding patterns on the surface of the concrete with forms that are used to do the stamping. The benefit of the concrete stamping method is that it is an affordable solution that can be used in areas like driveways and sidewalks where you need a more durable solution. In addition, the stamped concrete can be finished with a colored seal coating to protect it and give it an attractive finish.

Create Elegant Flooring Designs For Pavilions, Pool Areas, And Gathering Areas

There are also a lot of options for elegant floor designs that you may want to have for some of the outdoor structures and gathering areas. Decorative concrete acid stained finishes are the best option to give these areas the look of custom luxury flooring. Some of the areas where you may want to use acid staining include:

  • Patios
  • Outdoor pavilions
  • Pool areas
  • Paved surfaces for gathering and entertaining

The acid staining will give these areas of your outdoor living spaces elegant and attractive finishes that look like they belong inside your home.

Repair The Old Surfaces And Add New Decorative Concrete Finishes Using Layover Finish Techniques

Sometimes, there are old damaged surfaces that need to be repaired when creating an outdoor living space. You may not want to completely replace these surfaces, but rather, add to them. Concrete layover finishes are a great way to add decorative concrete surfaces that help hide old repairs and blend existing and new surfaces together.

Using Brush And Stencil Finishes To Create Decorative Concrete Surfaces For Your Outdoor Spaces

Another option that you will want to consider for decorative finishes for your outdoor spaces is brushed and stenciled finishes. These finishes can help add texture to the concrete and create unique custom designs for decorative concrete in outdoor space. The brushed and stenciled surfaces can also be finished with seal coating to protect them from wear and damage.

These are some of the different decorative concrete finish options that can help you create elegant flooring designs for the surfaces in outdoor living spaces. If you are ready to start updating your backyard with outdoor living space, contact a decorative concrete service and talk to them about some of these options for luxury flooring designs for the surfaces.