Everything A Masonry Company Will Do, And What They Won't Do

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Everything A Masonry Company Will Do, And What They Won't Do

4 September 2019
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Building anything requires an assessment of the project and a determination of what the best possible materials are. If you want to make anything out of stone, concrete, cement, or brick, you consult a masonry company. Here is everything a masonry company will, and will not, do for you. 

Pour Cement and Concrete

It does not matter if you want concrete or cement, this company will pour both flat and shaped. For example, if you want to create a pond with a cement floor, the contractor will carve whatever shape you want out of the ground, then pour the cement in and push it around until it has evenly filled out the whole basin in the ground. Then it is cured and hardened before being smoothed out with sanding/grinding. A clear coat may be added to prevent wear from the water that will be in the pond and the rain it will collect. 

Likewise, the contractor can also pour a concrete slab any size you want. Whether it is the foundation of a garage, or the floor under an ice skating rink, this is the contractor and company you need to do it. 

Brick Walls

Masons are especially good at brick walls. They can build brick walls inside or outside a structure, and build brick walls as thin as a single brick wide or as thick as several feet. The latter is usually required for bank vault walls for obvious reasons. They work with mortar and mixing just the right amounts so that every brick fits and every brick stays exactly where it should. 

Stone Fireplaces

Rough-hewn stone and river stone fireplaces are hot items right now. In fact, they are so popular that even doctors' and dentists' offices are requesting that these stone fireplaces be part of their construction plans. Masonry contractors are called in to do their work on these fireplaces every time a new dental or medical clinic is built. Additionally, if you have a fireplace of this sort, and it is in need of repair, or the chimney needs repair, the masonry experts are called to fix it. 

What They Typically Do Not Do

Masonry companies typically will not do anything regarding roads. They may work on driveways, but roads and driveways are usually left to a paving contractor. Anything involving very long and very deep or exceptionally tall structures using bricks, stone, mortar, concrete, and/or cement is not usually their thing, although they may act as consultants on such projects or assist with the structural development.

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