Why Getting Your Land Surveyed Is Such An Important Thing To Do

When our family quickly began outgrowing our home, my husband and I couldn't decide whether to add onto our current home or move into a larger one. One day, when we were checking the local area looking for "home for sale" signs, we saw a sign we couldn't take our eyes off -- there was a large plot of land for sale for a great price in a great location. We had never thought of building our own home before, but after a little research, we realized that it wasn't as costly as we thought, especially considering the great deal we got on the land. The entire process was a learning experience, but thankfully, the building team was very pleasant and helpful. We now love our new home, and I am excited to share our experience on our new blog. I also plan to post many planning and construction tips!

Why Getting Your Land Surveyed Is Such An Important Thing To Do

25 September 2017
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As the owner of land, or as someone who is about to purchase land, you will need to consider having the area surveyed. Even if it was done many years ago, you just never know if there were any mistakes done at that time. The best thing you can do is to find your own trustworthy land survey company and hire them to do it for you. Not sure why this is such a big deal? Check out these points:

You Won't Have To Worry About Disputes With Neighbors

This is not to say that you will never have a neighbor that tries to claim that the property line is actually somewhere where it isn't. However, you will be able to quickly end that disagreement by providing them with a copy of the land survey that you had done. They may very well appreciate a copy of your land survey from the start, as you never know what they might have been led to believe when they bought their property.

You Can Get A More Accurate Value For Your Land

Not only does every bit of acre count when your property is being appraised, but other things may be taken into consideration as well. For example, if there is a natural spring water well and it turns out that it is actually on your property and not your neighbors, you might find that the value of your home is increased a little. Also, should you ever need to sell your land, interested buyers will appreciate the fact that you went through this process so they could know just what it is that you are asking them to purchase. They will have a much easier time deciding if your property is the property they want to buy, thanks in part to that land survey.

You Won't Make Costly Construction Mistakes

In some cases, you might find that your land is actually a little smaller than you originally thought. Even if it is not a lot, it can still be an issue if you were to start building a tool shed in the wrong location. That could turn into a legal issue if your neighbors aren't happy. Plus, it would be a lot of wasted time and material because you would have to take down the shed and build it elsewhere on your property. It is best to simply get the land survey completed before you start to build anything, no matter how small it is.

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