What To Know About The Rotten Egg Smell Coming From Your Septic Plumbing System

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What To Know About The Rotten Egg Smell Coming From Your Septic Plumbing System

1 September 2017
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Installing a septic tank system for your home is definitely a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and become more aware of water usage in the home. However, septic tank systems don't come without their fair share of problems, including that rotten egg smell that you thought only come from regular sewage systems. Here's what you need to know about it:

It's a Gas:

First off, that smell is a gas coming from the septic system. It begins to form when there is waste that has lined the edges of the pipes that did not get flushed down properly. Typically the gas that is produce from human waste is odorless once it decays. However, when it is combined with other kinds of wastes, this is when the gas starts to become an odor you can notice. At this point, you want to have your septic tank system cleaned by a professional. Leaving it to sit won't solve anything. 

It's Not Dangerous at Low Levels:

Why do you want to have the septic tank system cleaned right away? Well, we begin to notice the smell when it's at a very low level before it becomes potentially toxic. Don't let it become a problem that stews. Otherwise, you will become used to the smell, so much so that you don't notice it anymore and that's when it becomes dangerous. Since it's potentially dangerous, this is why you want professionals to handle the cleaning process. Besides, septic tank systems are fragile, so it's important that you let the professionals take charge so that your septic tank is less susceptible to damages in the future from mishandling. 

It Can be Avoided:

Finally, you should know that it's something that can be avoided. It typically happens when there is a certain plumbing fixture in your home that is not used often. When this happens, the water that sits in the dry trap starts to evaporate and that's when the gas can gain entry into the pipes. It's important that you are using every plumbing fixture in your home at least once a month. You don't even have to use it, but instead can just run the water for a short time to make it appear like it's being used. 

When you know what to do about the smell, you are more likely to avoid it altogether or at least prevent it from becoming a more major problem in your home. Contact a service, like Lutzky Contracting, for more help.