Renting A Stud Welder? You May Get One Of These

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Renting A Stud Welder? You May Get One Of These

1 May 2017
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If you're hoping to embark on a project that requires a stud welder and aren't that familiar with them, it's easy to think that there's only one kind or that one type will do as well of a job as another. However, there are indeed many kinds of stud welders that are used for different kinds of work, and if you're planning to rent one, you're likely to be offered the following types. Here's some information about them so you can make the right choice.

Arc Welders

For people who don't know anything about welding, the arc welder is the one they think of and might have seen on tv or in a movie. Typically, a stud can be welded to connect to a metal beam because an electrical current running through the tip of the welder works to change the molecular structure of both the beam and stud so they remain attached. Arc welders are suitable for many jobs and can be easily operated by almost anyone.

Capacitive Discharge Welders

If your project includes tiny parts you'll be welding, such as repairing electronic devices, you are likely to need a capacitive discharge welder. These machines are almost always called CD welders for short. With these machines, the metal surface is warmed until it melts, and the stud is then spring mounted onto it. As everything cools, the stud you're working with will be secured in place. CD welders are best for small-scale projects.

Production Machines

If you have started a business that's require that you work on many pieces or you've got a large-scale project like a car you're trying to refinish, you might be overly enthusiastic and imagine that you'll need a large production machine to get your work done. This machine comes with multiple ports for multiple welders and can typically not be moved around a site without riding atop casters. Renting a machine like this can be much more affordable than buying one, and if you are using it for business work, a rental can help you get a feel for whether you like the model you rent before you make a big purchase on a machine of your own.

With a better understanding of these machines and how they can be used, you can make an informed selection when offered stud welders for rental by a professional like Ensure that you ask questions and read the agreement thoroughly so you're not surprised by additional fees or other issues.