Tracking Your Fire Alarm System's Performance With Specialized Software

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Tracking Your Fire Alarm System's Performance With Specialized Software

1 December 2016
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Protecting family members from danger inside the home is a priority for many homeowners. In order to ensure that a house fire doesn't cause injury or death, access to a functional fire alarm system is a must. Many homeowners think that the installation of smoke detectors can provide sufficient protection, but these devices only work when properly maintained. Relying on specialized software to help you monitor your home's fire alarm system can be beneficial.

Here are three things that you can do with specialized software to keep your fire alarm system running more efficiently in the future.

1. Track changes in equipment sensitivity over time.

In order to detect subtle changes in air quality that could signal the presence of a fire, your smoke detectors need to be as sensitive as possible. Testing the sensitivity of smoke detectors can be challenging for homeowners, so tying your detectors into an electronic system that can be managed via specialized software can be beneficial.

Data sent from your smoke detectors to the software program allows you to generate reports that show changes in the sensitivity of your smoke detectors over time. You can use the information from these reports to repair or replace your smoke detectors as needed, allowing your home's fire alarm system to become more efficient.

2. Access real-time readings remotely.

Many specialized fire alarm system tracking software programs come with apps that can be downloaded to your cell phone or tablet. These apps allow you to access real-time readings from your home's fire alarm equipment from a remote location.

Having the ability to monitor equipment readings while you are at work, away from home on vacation, or while your kids are home with the babysitter gives you the ability to identify a potential problem and contact the proper authorities quickly for help.

3. Test your equipment regularly.

Conducting routine evaluations designed to test the function of your fire alarm system can help you keep your home safer in the future. With a specialized software program that monitors your home's fire alarm system, you can manually test each piece of equipment in your home's fire alarm system.

Data regarding performance and response time will be sent to the software program, and you can evaluate the efficiency of your fire alarm equipment to determine if repair or replacement is needed to maintain maximum protection for your family.

Protecting your home from fire damage becomes a lot easier when you invest in a specialized software program that will allow you to closely monitor the performance of your home's fire alarm system in the future. For information on fire alarm monitoring, contact a company like Fyr Fyter Inc.