Need A New Fence And Gate? Benefits Of Choosing Custom Wrought Iron

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Need A New Fence And Gate? Benefits Of Choosing Custom Wrought Iron

6 September 2016
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If you need a new fence and gate to place around your property, you should choose a custom fence and gate. Having them custom made looks much better than traditional fences and gates that are mass produced. Custom gates and fences are made by hand, which makes them higher quality. They can also increase the value of your home. Besides choosing custom, wrought iron is a good choice in materials. Below are some benefits of choosing this material so you can determine if this is something that would be right for your home.

Aesthetic Appeal

Wrought iron can be designed and shaped into some very interesting shapes and patterns. This allows you to have a custom fence and gate made that is unique. This would be impossible to do with other fencing materials. Choose a tall wrought-iron fence to provide aesthetic appeal and security for your home.

Wrought iron also goes great with any plants no matter the color, shape, or size of them. You could plant crawling vines or crawling roses on the fence for a beautiful effect.

Last a Long Time

If you choose wrought-iron fencing and gate, you will not have to worry about replacing it any time soon. This is because wrought iron is a very durable materials and it will not deteriorate, rot, or dry out quickly. Wrought iron is also very strong and hard to break. This makes it very difficult for a predator to get through the fence.

Provides Visibility

Wrought-iron fencing has rails that are spaced apart. This allows you to have good visibility of what is behind the fence while still having the security you need. You can choose rails that are spaced close together or farther apart so you can create the look that you want.

Easy to Maintain

Custom wrought-iron fences and gates are also easy to maintain. The main maintenance you need to do is to keep an eye out on rust. If you do see any rust, you can easily remove it with a fine wire brush. You could also use a rust converter on the rust areas. These are generally tannic-acid or phosphoric-acid based. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use this product.

Keep the fence and gate clean with mild soap and water twice a year, and apply a thin layer of wax made for wrought iron to protect the paint surface after cleaning it.

Contact a custom fence and gate contractor in your area to learn more about wrought iron fencing.