Fireplace Trends for 2016

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Fireplace Trends for 2016

18 April 2016
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Your fireplace may likely be the focal point of your room, but if the fireplace is old and worn, it can age the whole space with it. Conversely, remodeling the fireplace can breathe new life into the entire room. If you love the idea of remodeling your fireplace but don't have any idea as to what materials and style would look good, consider some of the newest fireplace trends. Here are a few that are expected to be popular in 2016.

Placing Candles in Fireplaces

Cleaning up your existing fireplace, taking off the screen and putting candle holders and candles inside can instantly give the fireplace a new look. While you typically see wood in a fireplace, placing candle displays in the space can give off a warm, yet subtle glow. And depending on the candle holders and candles used, you can create different looks. Metal and black iron candle holders can create a modern look and feel, while wooden holders create a rustic look. If you are looking for a romantic or cozy fireplace, candles can help you achieve this.

Extra-Large Format Tiles

Another trend that is expected to be big for fireplaces in 2016 is the use of extra-large format tiles to create a fireplace surround. Some of the largest tiles that fall under the extra-large tile size measure 31 by 71 inches. The advantage to extra-large format tiles is that they help create a seamless look without being seamless. Getting a seamless fireplace surround is expensive, as it requires materials to be custom cut and installed. If this isn't in your budget, extra-large tiles can help mimic the look with a lower price tag. The larger the tile size, the fewer grout lines there will be. And fewer grout lines trick the eye into making something look larger than it is. This can help ensure that your fireplace looks grand, making it the eye-catching focal point of your living room or family room.

White Granite

Marble has been a popular material for fireplace surrounds for some time. But white granite is becoming a popular alternative to marble and may be one of the more popular fireplace surround materials in 2016. White granite looks very similar to marble, giving your fireplace the same high-end, luxurious look. But granite is more durable than marble, is less susceptible to etching and scratching, and doesn't stain as easily. This makes it a great option for those who have kids or pets or who simply want a material that will hold up better over time. If you love the classic look of marble but are worried about its durability, white granite may be a great option for you.

Ornate Mantels

The last fireplace trend you can expect to be popular in 2016 is ornate mantels. If you live in a high-end home, an ornate mantel can make your mantel unique. These can be made from a variety of materials, including copper, cherry wood, or carved stone. An ornate mantel is typically carved or etched by hand and is often one of a kind. While the price of this type of mantel can be high, an ornate mantel can ensure that all of the attention is on your fireplace. If you are considering an ornate mantel, it is important to consider how the mantel will feel and look with the furnishings in your room. Some ornate mantels look classic and elegant. This may not fit in with modern furniture or may look out of place with a flat-screen television mounted above it. Carefully considering the look and feel of the room will help you find an ornate mantel that fits in with your space while still looking beautiful and unique.

Updating a fireplace can alter the entire look and mood of a room. Learning about this year's trends may help you decide what changes to make to your old and outdated fireplace. Contact a representative from a company like Alpine Fireplaces for further suggestions.