3 Tips For Transforming Your Living Room Into The Industrial Look

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3 Tips For Transforming Your Living Room Into The Industrial Look

26 January 2016
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The industrial look is a theme that is becoming extremely popular today in homes, restaurants, and businesses. If you really love this look and are considering remodeling your home, you may want to incorporate it into your remodeling project. You can use this look in any room in your home; however, a good place to start is with your living room. Here are some tips to consider using as you plan to give your living room an industrial look.

Create The Perfect Ceiling

One aspect of the industrial look is the open concept, and this is often featured on the ceiling of a room. With this look, it is not uncommon for the ceiling to be open, allowing the exposure of the home's system components. In other words, when you look up at the ceiling, you should see pipes or beams.

To achieve this in your living room, a remodeling contractor might suggest ripping out the drywall ceiling. If this would expose pipes and things of this nature, you could achieve this look with this step. If you prefer not ripping out your drywall ceiling, there are other options, including:

  • Covering the ceiling with a different material – This could include metal sheeting, wood panels, or wooden beams.
  • Installing large pipes – To create the industrial look, you could also install large pipes on the ceiling. While the pipes will not serve an actual function, they can add to the beauty of the room.
  • Painting the ceiling black or brown – An easy step for a ceiling is painting it, and this would likely be best if you chose a dark color.

The ceiling will also be the place to contain the lights, and you will want to choose the right light fixtures for your new look. Lights attached to the ceiling that extend down with poles are commonly used in industrial settings.

Mix And Match Wall Materials

Another key feature of the industrial look is the variety of colors, materials, and textures used in a room, and you can accomplish this by choosing the right finish materials for your walls. If your walls currently have drywall on them, you could change the look by covering up the drywall with other materials.

The goal is to have a variety of materials, so you may want to place brick on one wall and wood on another. You could also have a wall that contains wood paneling, while another contains metal sheeting. Keeping drywall on one of the walls might not be a bad idea either. If you do, just make sure you paint the wall a color that is warm and neutral.

Incorporate Materials That Are "Worn"

Finally, you may want to figure out a way to use materials in the room that are old or that look old. Finding things that are "worn" will help you accomplish the look you are striving for. This could mean purchasing items that were made to look like this, or you could shop at flea markets, garage sales, or antique stores to find actual items that are old.

For example, you might want to purchase antique light fixtures to use in the room, or you could simply purchase distressed-looking furniture to decorate the room with. Including a mixture of items made of wood, chrome, copper, and brass is important when selecting furnishings and fixtures.

Achieving the industrial look is possible for any room in your home, but it will require a lot of planning. If you are interested in remodeling your entire home or just one room, contact a contractor in your area that specializes in remodeling services.