Spring Has Sprung: Time To De-Winterize Your Pool With These Tips

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Spring Has Sprung: Time To De-Winterize Your Pool With These Tips

25 March 2015
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With springtime here, you will need to de-winterize your in ground pool and get it ready for the summer. If you took the correct steps to prepare it for the winter, then getting it up and running is relatively easy as long as you spot any damage that may have occurred during the long, snowy winter. If this is your first time de-winterizing your pool, or you just need a refresher course to remind you how to do it, then follow these tips and look forward to a spring and summer full of swimming fun. 

Spring Pool Preparation Basics

First, remove all debris that may be on your pool cover. If you don't remove them before your remove the cover, then they will end up in the pool and lead to more work for you later. Run a little water over the cover to remove dirt and debris, then allow it to dry. Fill the pool until the water level is just over the skimmer. Hook up all hoses, the skimmer, and the pump. Use a pool vacuum to remove debris while the skimmer runs for a few hours. 

Check the pH of the water, and if it is not at the healthy level of about 7.2, then raise or lower the pH with the appropriate pool chemical. Use a pool shocker, then add chlorine, bromine, and algaecide. 

Now that you have a refresher of how to de-winterize your pool, hopefully everything goes smoothly and your pool is perfect to begin enjoying the new season. However, if you encounter any problems, then read on to find solutions to common problems you may face. 

Problem # 1: You Opened Your Cover to See a Pool Full of Green 

If your pool is green and murky looking, then it is likely full of algae. This can happen if you neglected winter up-keep of your pool. Fortunately, you can get rid of the algae with some effort. First, temporarily raise the water pH to 8 to give the algae an alkaline environment it does not thrive in. Then, brush your pool walls to loosen any algae on them with an appropriate pool brush. 

Next, shock the pool water every twelve hours while brushing the walls occasionally until the algae has cleared. Be sure to keep your pool filter running throughout this entire process to help clear the algae. Once the algae is gone, you can readjust the water pH to the correct level, and then add chlorine, bromine and very importantly, algaecide, to keep the algae away. Be sure to take proper steps to keep your pool algae free next winter by performing proper winter pool maintenance. 

Problem #2 Your Pool Water Level is Very Low when You Uncover It

When you uncover your pool for the spring, the water level should be about where it was when you covered it. While up to one-half inch of pool water could potentially evaporate in a day during a very hot summer, a pool with a cover on it all winter long should not suffer from much evaporation. 

You should first ask your family members if they drained any water from the pool for any reason. If they did not, then your pool may have a leak and it is best to contact an in ground pool repair expert to find the leak before proceeding with getting your pool up and running. Once the leak is found and fixed, you can then proceed with preparing your pool for the summer. 

If you winterized your pool properly before cold temperatures struck last fall and maintained your pool properly during the winter, then hopefully your pool will be easy to prepare for spring, and your family can begin enjoying it after proper preparation. If you suspect any problems before or while preparing it, then have your pool checked out by a professional and have the repairs performed before you attempt to de-winterize it. 

For more information, contact a local pool repair company, like Pool Service Co.