4 Environmentally Friendly Pool Supplies You Need For Your Green Home

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4 Environmentally Friendly Pool Supplies You Need For Your Green Home

20 November 2014
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Are you making an effort to "go green" at home and at work? It's an admirable choice, and an increasingly popular one, as more people become aware of the way society has been harming the environment. If you have a swimming pool, discovering "green" swimming pool supplies may be an area that has been somewhat challenging for you. After all, unless you want to pay a fortune for a salt water pool, there seems to be few other choices for keeping your pool clean and comfortable other than chemicals and appliances that use a lot of power. Luckily, there are options. Here are four environmentally swimming pool products you may not have known existed, but that you can start using on your pool today.

1. Green Pool Filters

There are brands of pool filters that are more environmentally friendly than others. These filters use full flow methods. This means they need to be used and cleaned less often. This is far more energy efficient than the usual types of pool filters on the market, and they work just as well.

2. Solar Powered Water Heaters

If you like a heated pool, you know how long a traditional electric pool heater can take to heat the whole pool to an ideal temperature. During the entire time the pool is heating, you are using a ton of energy. This will be reflected in a higher power bill, and is also more damaging to the environment (it takes fossil fuels to produce that electricity).

Instead, consider using a solar powered water heater for your pool. There are solar powered pool heaters that can be mounted on your roof or set up right beside the pool. Both work in the same way. The solar panels heat the water in the tank, pool water is circulated through the tank, and deposited back into the pool all toasty warm. No electricity is needed!

3. Low Wattage Pool Pumps

Your pool pump is also a big source of wasted energy. When your pool is running, it also runs up your electricity bill, while pulling extra energy resources from local power stations. Low wattage pumps solve this problem.

Look for a model of low wattage pump that is the right size for your pool to make sure the entire pool is serviced by the pump. You may have to look around for a bit, but the right model is out there. Energy efficient pool pumps also run considerably cooler than regular pumps, which saves even more energy.

4. UV Pool Cleaners

Getting rid of germs, bacteria, and algae in your pool is important to the health of anyone who swims in it. This usually means using a variety of harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin and hair, and can even cause your eyes to burn and get watery. This is obviously not the ideal situation for your well-being.

Using a UV pool cleaner can help you minimize the use of harsh pool chemicals, or even avoid them altogether. According to GoodHousekeeping.com, UV pool sanitizers can kill the undesirable elements in a swimming pool without the need for chemicals. Even if you still use some chemicals for extra safety, a UV light-based cleaner will help you keep the chemicals to a comfortable and more healthy minimum.


You can keep a "green" pool without sacrificing the cleanliness and safety of your swimming experience. You just have to look around a bit for the right products and use some ingenuity. Environmentally friendly swimming pool supplies are available. Start using them with your pool and enjoy the benefits they bring. To find the supplies you need, you can check out the sites of local pool companies.