4 Ways Your Old Windows Are Draining Your Wallet

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4 Ways Your Old Windows Are Draining Your Wallet

19 November 2014
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Older windows may look nice and give a rustic charm to your home, but all of that comes with a price. Older windows are a money drain, and there are a number of ways in which they are costing you money, some you might not even think of.

Untimely Fixes

Unless you're in a brand new home, you aren't going to be set up with the perfect, most energy-efficient window situation. Even newer window models can use some touching up now and then, and this includes even some energy star rated windows. The way the windows you have start bleeding your cash is often times due to waiting too long to make simple and intermediate repairs, or just simply ignoring preventative maintenance altogether.

Broken glass in panes might be an obvious fix you get to right away, but have you noticed chips, scratches where air is leaking through, or cracks along the sides? All these things can add up to reduced efficiency. Many times the replacement glass costs stay reasonable, around $10 a square foot, so make sure to shop around first.

If you have rotting wood frames or dividers that need attention, see how deep the damage goes before opting for total replacement. Some smaller breaks can be patched up, larger weather beaten areas may need rebuilding. Caulking and checking the sealing regularly is also essential, as this keeps you on top of where common problems occur, and can lead to less costly repairs in the future

If Don't Realize That Repair Costs Outweigh Replacement Costs

Not all windows can be saved or are cost effective to save. If you're not already a do-it-yourself type of homeowner, replacing your windows instead of making constant window repairs might be one of the first routes to inspect. Get multiple quotes on repairs vs replacements from a reputable window glass company, and make the more cost effective long term decision.

Remember that your home is an investment, and spending too much money into old window repair gets you farther away from your total cost of ownership savings, not closer.

Deceptively Draining Energy

Even if your living space feels fine as is, and you've checked out your windows and found that they don't need any maintenance, your older windows are not as energy efficient as newer models and are still costing you money on your electric bill every month. The average home yields close to an 80% return on investment when replacing old single pane windows with energy efficient dual pane windows.

Despite the considerable up front cost of installing new windows, you should examine total replacement as an option, especially considering the long term benefit and comfort level of your home. The older the window is, the less likely it has enough insulation to keep the temperature where you want it, causing your air conditioner to kick on more. As an added bonus, new dual pane windows can give your home a sleeker, more modern upgraded look.

Sun Damage

Have you noticed how older pictures, art and even furniture can look more worn and faded over time? UV light passing through clear plain glass means everything in the line of sight of the window can be affected by the sun's harmful rays, because there is absolutely nothing blocking in it. Older windows weren't treated with UV block or tinting, which allow the full spectrum of harmful UV rays to infiltrate your home. This leads to sun damage on your furniture and wall hangings, which can cause them to need to be replaced sooner. New windows with accurate treated glass or tinting, like those from Central Glass, alleviate this problem.